emilyaThis is the 3rd blog I’ve had in 3 years.  Absolutely excessive.  I know.  My inability to commit or focus on anything for any length of time as evidenced by these excessive changes should tell you just about everything you need to know about me.


My “so-called life” was shattered in January of my senior year when a huge relationship in my life came to an abrupt end. Suddenly, I was confronted with the sad and pathetic truth that I a) had no idea who I was; 2) had spent so much time investing in my significant other’s future that I had never imagined my own; and 3) had zero plans for post-graduation. Horrified, and looking to redeem a number of lost years, I dove head first into a million new experiences: some healing, confusing, creative, and redemptive, others probably screwed me up even more than I was—but they all led me to blogging.

Once school ended, I went into full recovery mode—did a lot of reflecting, went a little crazy, adopted some cats, questioned everything, found refuge in my friends and started to rebuild the little pieces of my life that had crumbled or been crushed. In the midst of everything I started a blog. When I started blogging I was a beauty blogger; I had an arsenal of stored up beauty tips that I thought enough of to share with the world (and well… that was the only topic I felt I knew enough about to share with others). I might not have had much to say but at least I had finally found a voice.

My healing continued: I got brave, bold—started new projects, made some resolutions and started loving myself again—maybe for the first time. I said “yes” to every opportunity and made time to do a bunch of things I had dreamt of doing. A year after the breakup, I had put my life back together and had begun to embrace every second of it. Then in March 2010 right after branding my wrist with the word “magic” and promising myself I would never settle for anything less than it—I met Steve. And he’s magical. We’re magical.  And we’re getting hitched this coming November.


Currently, I’m killing it at a job as an HR director and Business Office Manager, blissfully living on my own with two cats, have more bills than I can ever really afford to pay, am blessed to have more girlfriends in my life than ever before, have a deep appreciation for my family—blood and otherwise who haven’t mentioned that I owe them everything for the wonderful life I have, and a sweet best friend of a fiancé who loves me to pieces.


I’ll automatically love anything and everything that appeals to the masses.

I cannot stop adopting cats.

I didn’t learn to read until i was 10 but graduated college with honors and have a fairly sizable vocabulary thanks to my middle school obsession with Remington Steele.

I had a Xanga named iloveunclejesse all throughout high school & still would do horrible, unspeakable, disgusting things to meet John Stamos.

I went to college sight unseen. Never visited or even saw a picture before move in day freshman year.

I’m 95% sure I have ADD—as in all the online tests have me in the 90% probability range, I never stay on task, most people who know me think I have it, I forget everything and it runs in my family.

I was the only girl in my class when I was in the fourth grade.


Super drag but probably necessary disclaimer: I’m not really certified to give people advice—I have a bachelor’s degree in communication studies which we all know doesn’t amount to very much; so let me take a moment to inform you that nearly everything found in this blog is based on my own experiences and should only be applied to your life in a state of emergency, just kidding, do whatever you want, just don’t hold me legally responsible.

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