nothing if not predictable

Steve and I went to see The Avengers twice opening week. And by twice, I mean three times but that’s embarrassing. If you wrote the plot of the movie out on paper (comic books) most people would be like “that’s lame,” (because comic books are lame) but somehow the movie works for almost everyone. Not like I need to tell you that because I’m sure you helped contribute to its record breaking opening as well.

As you well know, the cast is an ensemble of good genes and perfect comedic timing personified. I cannot think of anyone I’d want to make out with more than Thor (except John Stamos).

Throughout the whole movie I kept thinking: Gosh, that Loki guy is kind of adorable.


Then the second time I saw it I was like: Gosh, there is something really enchanting about this Loki character.  I think I’m genuinely more attracted to him than almost anyone else in the movie (save Thor, because, well, the things I wouldn’t do to Thor…)

Loki is this really malicious power hungry son of a… I don’t know what actually, I know he has some kind of mixed up lineage—I think he’s also like part alien or something. Anyway, by the end of the movie I was judging myself for being so into such an evil character and decided to plug The Avengers into IMDB to see who the charming-bad boy/demigod-smile belonged to.

Oh, you know, just this tall, skinny, curly haired, red-head:


For reference, this is who I am marrying:



That wasn’t even a hard to find picture of Steve.

My favorite song of the moment is Payphone by Maroon 5. I am fully aware that it’ll be one of those songs that I will listen to on repeat for 20 hour and a half long commutes and then never want to hear again, but I love it to death right now. Except the rap. WHAT is with that rap? My theory is that Maroon 5 was in the middle of writing the song when someone was like: “We should really have someone rap in the middle of our sweet, crass, little melodic tune about a breakup.” And then someone else was like, “Yeah, let’s tell Wiz Khalifa it’s about a payphone and let him write it.” And then Wiz interpreted that the best he could and came up with something like: “YEAH WELL, I’ve got a fucking cell phone, bitch!”

I don’t get today’s music.

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One thought on “nothing if not predictable

  1. I love castle!!! I am a big fan of Nathan Fillion since my roommate introduced me to firefly 2 years ago. I haven’t seen the get together episode yet but now I am really excited to :)

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